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You want to maximize innovation success by running idea campaigns, managing ideas and boosting innovation projects. With our idea & innovation management software you get smart insights, select the best ideas, do group decision-making to create more business value together.

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AI-Powered Innovation tool

AI-Powered Innovation

Leverage the power of AI to gain deep insights into trends, patterns, and opportunities. Accept Mission’s AI tools help you make informed decisions, enhance idea content, and stay ahead of the innovation curve. From generative AI for enriching ideas to predictive analytics for forecasting trends, our AI capabilities ensure that your innovation strategy is data-driven, insightful, and future-ready.

Seamless integration with your business applications

Innovation software that integrates seamless with all your business applications. Single Sign On, Teams and SharePoint integration, Build beautiful reports and dashboards in Power BI (or other BI solutions), or integrate with our API. Innovation that fits like a glove.
Innovation powerful and easy to use
Smart insights and group-decision making tools

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