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Accept Mission Innovation software platform

Under the hood

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1. Powerful dashboards and reporting

Share insights and measure and improve the performance directly.

  • Live data connection (Power BI or other BI platfom)
  • Great dashboards
  • Build powerfull reports

2. Smart idea management 

Collect ideas from different sources. Quickly qualify & score ideas. Make smart decisions to start innovation projects.

  • Collect ideas continuously
  • Smart qualifying
  • Insights to potential innovation success

3. Complete overview of innovation portfolio

Boost innovation success rate by implementing innovation projects step-by-step.

  • Track & boost progress
  • Deliver projects faster and better
  • Measure innovation success rate

4. Welcome on Boards

Boards is a really easy tool to collect input and work together with small groups of people. There are no boundaries in the amount of people you invite to join. Every user of Accept Mission has the power to start a new board.

  • Share ideas – Add ideas, inspire and get inspired quickly
  • Solve Challenges – Analyze and solve all kind of challenges together
  • Sharpen strategies – Get important insights and build strategies.

5. Boost idea generation (campaigns)

Reinvented idea generation and brainstorming. Build ideation campaigns with multiple objectives, undercover mode and reporting.

  •  Advanced and flexible campaign builder
  •  Gamification with undercover modus and leaderboards
  •  Smart communication and notifications
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6. Smart decision making (selecting)

Invite groups of users to score & qualify ideas: time, place independent and undercover. Smart decision making for (innovation) boards, for validating solutions / propositions to customers or end users.

  •  Undercover (optional) selection rounds
  •  Simple and advanced selection methods
  •  Public and expert score features

Anywhere, anyplace, anytime

Innovation ideas can be added from anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Download the app and join one of the missions within your company.

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Best-practice examples for Accept Mission

Proven Examples for Accept Mission


Generating ideas with small to very very large amount of people (gamification by design).


Managing many idea boxes,
with smart intake, collaboration and advanced selection tools.


Managing the progress of innovation projects with pipelines, boards and reports.

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