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New features in Accept Mission

In this April release update you read about the latest improvements to our Accept Mission Idea Management Platform. The updates in this release will improve user navigation, review of collected ideas and stimulate collaboration through sharing and commenting on ideas.

New features in Accept Mission 

– Navigation: collect, select & execute the best ideas
– Ideas: overview of all collected ideas from all idea boxes   
– Follow: receive notifications about ideas you follow
– Collaborate: tag users with @username in comment section of idea card.
– Share: send ideas via email
Navigation: Collect, Select & Execute the best ideas
We updated the navigation for Mission Managers by reorganising our idea management tools and hereby improving the idea collection flow. We chose some different tool names to provide better understanding of what you can expect with each tool.
COLLECT: All your “idea boxes”, brainstorm “campaigns” (former ideation) and “boards”  in one place. Collect ideas with these three tools for any challenge.  
SELECT: Validate a subset of ideas by creating your own criteria’s and presenting this to a stakeholder group and asking them to provide scores to those ideas. The result is that you can create a shortlist of best voted ideas which you can select as your next innovation project. 
PROJECTS: Execute the best ideas and manage the progress of your innovation projects in an easy to understand portfolio.  
Ideas:  overview of all collected ideas from all idea boxes   
New to the navigation menu is IDEAS, where you have all ideas from all idea boxes in one overview. With IDEAS you can easily review, filter and create shortlist with all ideas you collected.    
Follow: receive notifications about ideas you follow
As user you can now follow your ideas and ideas from others. When you follow your favourite ideas you will receive updates when the idea status is changed.  This way you will know the exact status and that the idea box manager is actually working on it. You can find all you favourite ideas in the row “following ideas”   

Collaborate: Tag users in comment section of idea card

If you think someone should read a particular idea card, you are now able to tag active users in that idea card. The tagged user will get a notification (via email and notification bell) with a direct link to read that idea card. This will increase the number of peer reviews and also promotes idea collaboration. 

Share: Send ideas via email
If you want to share ideas with people who are not actively working on Accept Mission, you can share ideas via email. This way the receiver will get a regular email containing a link to read that idea card. If the receiver has no account, he/she first needs to register an account, before it can read the idea card.   

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