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New features in Accept Mission

In this August update you read about the newest features and latest improvements to our Accept Mission Idea Management Platform. In this update we describe our most important improvements: Manage guest users, added new email notifications and project card update

Manage your guest users
This month we added the role of “guest users” to our platform. With guest users you can invite external users to join one of your innovation challenges. This is useful if you want to collect ideas, feedback or ask for validation from your external stakeholders such as partners, clients or investors. They have very limited access to your company environment and can only join missions after receiving an invitation. Guest users can be managed in the security settings by adding or removing email domains to the approved domains list. If an email domain is added to the approved list than it is a considered a regular user.  If an email domain is not on the approved list then all users with that domain are considered guest user. All those guest user have ‘guest’ behind their name. Read more about how to manage guest users here.

New email notifications
We’ve added some new email notifications. This will inform innovation managers and regular users about certain events or to do actions regarding the ongoing challenges or missions.  Users will now receive a notification when the following new scenarios occur:

  • Assign new owner to idea box:
    Every idea box has an idea bow owner. The owner is responsible for managing incoming ideas including reviewing and deciding on follow up actions for those ideas. But in case the responsibility changes (i.e. an employee leaves the company or moves to other team), you can assign a new owner. The new owner receives a message that he/she is now the new owner, with a link to enter that idea box and start managing that idea box.  The idea box owner will also other idea box related communication such as a message when a new idea card is shared in that idea box. Also, if applicable, the new idea box owner will receive monthly updates regarding the performance of that idea box. The idea box owner can turn on/off this message in the idea box settings.
  • Assign new owner to idea card:
    Every idea card has a ‘creator’ and an ‘owner’. The idea creator will never change. But the Idea card owner can change for instance in case an employee becomes inactive for the company. In this case you can assign a new owner who is responsible to follow up or work on that particular idea.
  • Status of idea card changed:
    As user it is possible to receive updates regarding a particular idea by following that idea.  You can follow/unfollow an idea by clicking on the bookmark icon in the idea card. If you follow an idea card you receive an update in case the status is changed by the idea box owner. This way you stay up to date about the progress of an idea. Both the Idea owner and the idea follower (user) will receive this notification.

Project card updates
We updated our innovation project cards with two functionalities:
1) Custom fields: you can now add custom fields to all your projects. With custom fields you can add text fields, number fields or option fields. this way you can require project managers to provide more relevant details in the project cards.  Read more about Custom fields  here
2) Project status update: It is now possible to add status updates. It comes as a note box with a time stamp, so you can see all the action updates per project card.

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