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New features in Accept Mission

In this July release update you read about the newest features and latest improvements to our Accept Mission Idea Management Platform. In this update we describe three improvements: Custom Fields, See who liked your idea, new user roles.

Custom fields 
This month we added “Custom fields” to our platform after receiving many clients requests. With Custom fields, Innovation managers can now add their own criteria’s and notes to Ideas & projects. It comes with different types of fields, such as long/short text, numbers and dropdown options. Adding additional fields will improve the overall workflow, ability to analyse and compare ideas, add notes for necessary actions and ultimately make better decisions and reports. Once you added custom fields in the settings, you can see the custom fields in the IDEAS listview.

Some examples of the custom fields (types) you can add to you idea & project cards

  • Risk: Low, medium, high (dropdown)
  • Complexity/size of project: 0-10 (numbers)
  • Need Approval to proceed?  Contact A, Department B, (dropdown)
  • Received Approval? Yes, No (short text, dropdown)
  • Implementation Time (numbers)
  • Implementation costs (numbers)
  • Add Problem description (long text)
  • Add successcriteria   (long text)
  • add necessary actions (long text, dropdown)

Read more about Custom fields  here

User Roles
We updated the user roles in Accept Mission. We learned that the current user roles where somewhat confusing for the users on our platform. So the new user roles are: “user”, “admin user” and “super admin”. However, the user rights did not change.
Read more about User roles here

Academy: New course available
To close this update, this month we added a new course to academy: “How to configure Accept Mission”. With this course we aim to help new innovation managers / innovators with setting up their company profile and configure all basic setting in Accept Mission.

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If you want to read more about our previous updates please check out the links below

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