In this release update you read about the newest features and latest improvements to our Accept Mission Idea Management Platform.

This June we added a new feature ACADEMY to our platform. ACADEMY is a free innovation training module available for Accept Mission Users. 
With ACADEMY we make innovation knowledge more accessible to innovation managers (and innovators) by delivering self educational courses. Our platform users can participate in several digital courses, lessons, best practices and instruction workshops at their own pace and in their own time.

Examples of our course content 
– Accept Mission Quick Start course
– How to configure Accept Mission for your company
– The Ultimate guide to Idea Management 
– Introduction to Innovation sprints
– Overview of all platform tools including video tutorials
 We will constantly upload new courses and relevant content to ACADEMY.   

ACADEMY comes with any subscription you have for Accept Mission weather it is a paid or freemium. Innovators must have an manager/admin account for Accept Mission to access ACADEMY.

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