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New features in Accept Mission

In this March release update you can read about the latest improvements to our Accept Mission Idea Management Platform. These updates improve overall User Experience and will make it easier to innovation managers to create more value for your organisation. 

New features in Accept Mission 

– Expert Score: View & Score ideas with ideation
– Corporate Branding: upload your logo and change colour settings 

Expert Score: View & Score ideas in ideation

In this release we improved the “expert review score” for ideation. There are three types of “reviewing & scoring” ideas as part of the decision making process: Peer review, expert review and stakeholder review.
Expert Score will help Innovation Managers by making better pre-selection of ideas for further analysis. In Ideation, Mission Managers can now review all captured ideas during or after an ideation mission and provide “expert scores”. This is done through 5 star rating (0-5 stars). Managers can also invite other “experts” to give their scores, generating an average Expert score per idea.

Three types of review & scoring explained

– Peer review (idea generation): This is the first gate in the decision making process and mostly done during idea generation phase. Peer review is very usefull to pre-filter a long list of ideas during or after a mission. Agents (peers) are adding feedback, scores and like ideas whilst participating in a particular mission. (AM tools: ideation, boards, inbox)
– Expert review (idea management): When a mission is complete, Mission managers (experts) can view all ideas and add expert scores (star rating, impact, investment scores) to choose which best “peer reviewed” ideas should will be put on short list to be further analysed, investigated and managed as potential innovation project . (AM tools: inbox, ideation)
– Stakeholder review (selection): Final gate in decision making process is done by a stakeholder group (management, clients or partners) to validate a set of very good ideas and to prioritize & select best voted ideas as your next innovation project. (AM tools: selection)

Read more about the Expert Review in our Knowledge Base

Corporate Branding: 

Also in this release: Innovation Managers can now choose to set their corporate branding in Accept Mission. Changing the colour settings & uploading your company logo will have a positive effect on the adoption of the platform, stimulates engagement, improves overall user experience and drives more value for your company.  Ask us via the Accept Mission chat how we can help you with setting your Corporate Branding.

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