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New features in Accept Mission

In this May release update you read about the latest improvements to our Accept Mission Idea Management Platform. In this May release we added a monthly notifcation report for idea boxes,  improved idea collaboration in the comment sections and made several fixes to our platform 

New features in Accept Mission 

– Collaboration: Reply on comment
– Notifications: Monthly status report per idea box 
Collaboration: Reply on comment 
in addition to tagging users in the comment section of idea boxes, you are now also able to reply on a particular comment and by replying creating a communication thread. This feature further stimulates collaboration on idea level and helps the idea owner to better understand the issue, challenge or new product with approaches from different user perspectives.  When a user replies to a comment, the original commenter is automatically tagged. He/she will receive a notification by email that someone replied to their comment. 
Notifications: Monthly status report per idea box
We added a new monthly notification for Innovation Managers. Every first day of the new month, the idea box owner receives a status report with the performance of that idea box in previous month. The report shows the performance per idea box (topic, teams etc), user participation and provides useful insights to make a pre-selection on top liked ideas (based on peer reviews).  What is included in this monthly report: “how many new ideas were added”, “what is the top 3 liked idea” and “who are the most active users” to that idea box.  Of course you can turn on/off this monthly notification per idea box. 
Published On: May 17th, 2021Categories: Innovation management

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