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New features in Accept Mission

In this September update, you read about new features and improvements to our Accept Mission Idea Management Platform. We always listen to what our clients are saying so the following updates are coming from client feedback. The improvements are: Idea management with IDEAS, organizing your BOARDS sessions, and changing CAMPAIGNS to IDEATION 

Ideas: Idea management to make better decisions

With the IDEAS feature, we have optimized the idea management & review process. It has become easier for Innovation teams to review all ideas, add scores, but also analyze and compare ideas to make better decisions. The idea listview shows all ideas captured from all “collect” mission types ( i.e. idea boxes, ideation campaigns, and board sessions). With this new idea listview, it makes it easier for innovation teams to search for and filter out the best ideas as a potential next innovation project. With also two additional idea views, Innovation teams can easily analyze and compare ideas (Impact vs investment graph) and monitor the progress of ideas (kanban view). This way idea management has become easier and faster. It should save time for innovation teams when having to make decisions about choosing the next innovation project.    

Board session workflow improvements

We’ve optimized the overall workflow for boards sessions with these 3 improvements.
1) The first improvement to boards is making the idea-collection process quicker, easier, and more logic. We’ve added a big button at the bottom of each column to add new ideas directly into the right column (or gate). This will reduce the number of actions (i.e. using drag & drop to place the idea card in the right column) performed by each participant in the board session.
2) The second addition is that users are now able to better organize the workflow session by adding new columns and re-ordering the position of those columns. This is for instance useful when you are mapping out a customer journey and you need to change the order (position) of the columns when adding new columns (steps, gates, etc) to the workflow. With the drag & drop function, you can re-order those columns. 
3) The third improvement is to filter out the best ideas by using column sorting. We’ve added this sorting option to sort ideas based on the number of likes. So the idea cards with the most likes will come on top when you apply the sorting.  

“Campaigns” becomes “Ideation”

We’ve changed the name of our brainstorm ideation tool under collect. We learned that using the term “campaigns” for ideation sessions caused confusion amongst our users when talking about innovation campaigns vs ideation (brainstorm) campaigns.  Therefore we changed it back to “Ideations” which should give a better definition of what you can expect – ideation (brainstorm) mission. Although the name has changed, the functionalities for setting up an ideation mission stay’s the same. 


New academy course available: “how to select only the best ideas”

Every month we upload a new course to Academy our Accept Mission in-house training platform. This month we added a course about “how to select only the best ideas from your idea funnel”.  This course is aimed at helping innovation teams make smart decisions on what idea should be selected and developed as the next innovation project. Go check it out in our Academy section.

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