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New features in Accept Mission

We’d like to start 2022 by sharing this update with some nice improvements to idea box campaigns but also some enhancements that increased overall performance. In this update you can read about:
– New features to better manage idea box campaigns
– UX improvements to the idea funnel to make better decisions

Improvements to the Idea box campaign
The Idea box is a powerful but easy-to-use tool for setting up your innovation challenges. With an idea box, you can collect ideas from different target groups in a straightforward approach. It allows you to quickly collect initial feedback, but also analyze and compare ideas. This January we increased the user experience with some improvements to the idea box. These improvements include:
-Idea box timer: Now you are able to add a timer to the campaign. Adding a deadline creates a psychological urgency and stimulates people to share their ideas within the time limit. Mission engagement will increase as a result of this.
– Hide real identity for comments & likes in undercover mode: Now when an idea box mission is undercover, the comments section and the users who give alike are now also undisclosed. This gives the undercover mission real anonymity.

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Turn your idea box on/off
-Switch to turn off/on an idea box mission: from clients we received the request that they wanted to be able to easily turn on/off an idea box without having to archive an idea box. This switch comes in handy if your mission or challenges deadline is due, you just take offline the idea box. Users can no longer add new ideas to this idea box. However, with one click you can reactivate the ideas box mission again. Easy peasy.

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Performance improvements to Idea funnel
For 2022, one of our main goals is to make “Funnel management” the core of the application. Funnel management is important for idea management and allows Innovation teams to search and compare ideas and make better decisions. Last year, we took our first steps with funnel management, creating an all idea funnel. This shows innovators a consolidated list of all collected ideas in a single overview. This month we made our first update to the idea funnel. We implemented a new, more user friendly way of presenting the idea pages, action buttons, and filters. One of the new elements we added to the ideas funnel is pagination. With pagination, you can quickly browse through a long set of ideas. This funnel update makes it easier and more intuitive to manage your ideas. Together with some database optimizations, we were able to improve the overall performance of the idea funnel significantly in this update.

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New Academy course available: “Inspiring use cases”
Every month we upload a new course to Academy our Accept Mission in-house training platform. This month we added a course about “Inspiring use cases”. This course is aimed at helping innovation teams get inspired on how you can use Accept Mission for different situations, like set up new challenges, improving company strategy, or setting up collaboration sessions. Go check it out in our Academy section.

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