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New features in Accept Mission

In this February update you can read about the latest improvements to our Accept Mission platform. These updates should improve overall user experience and help create more value for your organisation. 

New features in Accept Mission 
– Video icons with tutorials 
– Dutch Language for e-mail notifications
– User Last login activity

Video icons with Accept Mission tutorials

To increase the ease of using our platform we embedded several video tutorials throughout the platform. These short videos will help (new) Mission Managers kickstart their innovation campaigns in just a couple of minutes. You can find the video icons for almost every tool, and soon more video tutorials will follow on other pages. When you see a video icon, just click on it and a video tutorial will start. 

Accept Mission

Dutch Language option for e-mail notifications

We are now able to offer Dutch language to our Dutch clients. This language option is available for sending mission related mails to users, such as “invite to join platform”, “Invite to join mission”, “a new round has started” and “mission complete see statistics”.  You can find the Dutch language setting in Settings > General settings > Language

Accept Mission

User Last login activity

With the new “last activity” column in user management, Mission Managers and Company Captains now can see the last login activity of their colleagues on our platform. This can be useful for instance when a mission or campaign is somehow underperforming.  With this information the manager is now able to monitor user engagement and stimulate users to participate in an active mission and contribute to the innovation goals. Go try it out.

Accept Mission

Published On: February 17th, 2021Categories: Accept Mission platform, Idea management, Innovation management

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