Improved menu structure
One of the most noticeable recent added features: A new, more natural, Home-screen called: Mission Control. Settings for users with management rights can be found here, under the tab ‘settings’.

Notification panel and improved push notifications on mobile
Accept Mission has a newly designed notification panel. This keeps agents up to date and directs them to were their attention is needed. You can find the notification panel in the top right of your screen.

Charge Bee intergration
Charge Bee handles subscriptions, recurring payments, invoicing and much more. It allows users to easily upgrade to a payed subscription and more..

Other noticable features added:

  • Integrated tooltips, helping users find their way
  • Template management page
  • Templates to easily create missions (more are added every week)
  • Hyperlink can be added in specific rounds in Mission Management
  • Option for creating a mission with one team or one agent
  • 20 New avatars
  • Countdown timer improved
  • Improved support chat and ticket system
  • Finish last idea if round has ended
  • Overall improvement in the IOS and Android app’s
  • Mission counter in dashboard