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The coronavirus is hitting many people and organizations around the world. Especially in this period of time, we need to work together and find ideas for the challenges we are facing. People always find ways to reach goals. We decided to contribute to this situation by offering our powerful idea management tool for free.

We need to follow the advice of specialists and do our best to minimalize the outbreak. Our company is located in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and yesterday we decided, based on the advice of the national health experts, to work remotely from now on. Also, we need to focus on keep on doing the things necessary to keep the world moving forward. Taking care of the health of people. If productivity drops, the economic consequences will be very high. This morning we used our own idea management platform to find possible solutions to how we can help organizations in this situation. Our most powerful tool to help is to provide free access to our platform.

Our contribution: Accept Mission for free
One of the challenges, in most organizations, is to keep working together and keep the business going. We asked ourselves what is in our power to contribute to this situation? Together with our team, we decided to offer our Idea Management Platform Accept Mission for free for the upcoming months. In these times we all need smart ideas. In these times innovation is crucial for solving challenges and prepare for success afterward. That is where we would like to help with:

  • Remotely work together with colleagues/partners
  • Collect smart ideas to handle business challenges
  • Plan your success during and after this situation
  • Digital brainstorming and harvest input
  • Prepare for success. New products, services, business models.

Let’s work together and find solutions during this period and prepare for success after this out brake!

Contact us to upgrade your account. Our support team will help you out to show how we can help. Don’t hesitate we all are facing the same situation. The next step is to request a demo and we will contact you:

Steven Kop
Founder Accept Mission

Published On: March 13th, 2020Categories: Idea generation, Idea management

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