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Welcome on board

Boards is a digital live collaboration tool that makes both physical and digital brainstorming easy to use and effective when having video conference meetings.

Users are allowed to move beyond traditional brainstorming sessions, where it’s a must to be physically together in a room sharing and organizing ideas. This is still an option, but now people can join to collaborate from anywhere in the world with any device. Work in real time, time and place independent. Work without any limits on as many ideas as you wish. With the use of drag & drop, columns and likes & comments, the best ideas are easy to organize.

Advantages for every user

The tool is specifically designed for beginner-level users. Connect different departments or stakeholders from every maturity level together to collaborate on your ideas and solutions. Or work together to generate different ideas to find new ways to innovate.

Every user can build a Board to start a new collaboration session. There is no user restriction to start a new Board, this in contrast to creating inbox, ideation or selection missions. Users with the role “Mission Manager” can start new inbox, ideation or selection missions. When your using boards and you have found the right idea/solution/problem further develop them in inbox or projects. Boards is fully integrated with the entire platform

Motivate people with the high engagement level messages to join or return the Boards mission. People will get encouraged with the use of gamification, for example with each idea you will be rewarded with xp points.

Optimal use for your organization

Use the live structured collaboration tool within your organization for the following use cases:

  • Share ideas – Add ideas, inspire and get inspired quickly
  • Solve Challenges – Analyze, categorize and solve all kinds of challenges together
  • Sharpen strategies – Get important insights, receive feedback and build strategies

Methods to execute live collaboration:

  • Digital meetings with video chat such as TEAMS, Skype, ZOOM
  • Live workshops in a physical room, boards programmed on a big screen
  • Hybrid working, a physical group in a room with people joining digitally in real time.
  • Time independent, work remotely each on your own time independent.

Learn more about Live Collaboration

If you want to learn more about Boards and/or Accept Mission? Book a demo with one of our team members to see how Accept Mission & Boards can benefit your organization.

Do you want to see Boards in action? Check our tutorial below:

Published On: December 7th, 2020Categories: Idea generation, Idea management

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