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New: Group your ideas with categories

Maximize brainstorm output by categorizing ideas

Our Accept Mission development team improved the Ideation brainstorm tool by adding a new option to group ideas based on categories. This means that brainstorm managers can capture more information per brainstorm round by adding categories ( less brainstorm rounds = time saving ), which maximizes your brainstorm output.  This option allows users participating in the mission to categorize ideas making it easy to group ideas based on a pre-defined list of categories created by the Brainstorm Manager.

An example is to set up an Ideation brainstorm session with 3 rounds where the first brainstorm round consists of collecting input for a SWOT analysis. For this round the Brainstorm Manager sets four values: “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”, “Opportunities” and “Threats”, allowing the participators (agents) to categorise their ideas based on a SWOT template. The second brainstorm round can have a start/keep/stop format, where the same principles apply as in the SWOT example, but this time the category values are set to “Start”, “Keep” and “Stop” by the Brainstorm Manager. Finally, the Brainstorm Manager can finish the Ideation Mission by setting up the third round without any categories (since the categories can be set up individually from brainstorm rounds).
Introducing categories in Accept Mission allows the Brainstorm Manager to save time by collecting more information in fewer rounds and maximize output by grouping ideas.
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Published On: June 5th, 2020Categories: Idea generation, Idea management

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