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Idea selection

Your ideation has finished and now it’s time to take the next step, but that is easier said than done. Big ideations can bring hundreds of ideas that you, preferably, all want to check, even though it is nearly impossible. Selection provides that last step, so you can concentrate on innovating instead of reading.

What is idea selection?

The ideation ideas are for the most part bad, double and irrelevant. The goal after the ideation is to find the best ideas and select them, so they can be used in innovation projects. This is exactly what selection brings to ideation. It is a tool for ideation managers to help them select the best ideas out of an ideation.

The mass of ideas

Ideation generally brings a ton of ideas. Imagine, if a group has 50 participants who all submit 10 ideas, the number of total ideas is already 500. This number grows and grows as the group size increases. A reasonably small number of users can already cause the ideation to be very time-consuming or even unmanageable.

idea selection

How technology helps

Starting an ideation digitally helps to manage the ideas better. Software automatically groups and sorts the ideas, which prevents a lot of work for the ideation leader. It is also possible for other ideations participants to review each other’s ideas so ratings can be given to ideas. The ideation leader can then look at the top voted ideas and pick the best out of all the submitted ideas. Bad rated ideas by the users often mean that those ideas are not good enough and do not need any attention of the ideation leader. Without the user review, these bad ideas would also have been viewed by the ideation leader.

Next selection step

Once, for example, the top 20 ideas out of the mass have been selected, it is necessary to go further in detail of the ideas. The ideas can be tested on strategic fit, investment, impact etc. The ones with the highest score on the relevant variables will be your top ideation ideas that you can innovate with. The ideas that didn’t survive the second selection round can be put on hold or can be thrown away.

Idea management

Accept Mission is an idea management platform. The platform contains multiple tools to brainstorm and idea management to organize it. The selection tool lets you select the best ideas from the brainstorm to innovate with. Its gamification elements improve the appeal to the users and increases the widely sought-after employee engagement. Let us know if you are interested in digital brainstorming. Contact us here.

Idea Management

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