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Welcome on Board

Accept Mission is committed to developing new tools that make the innovation process more effective and deliver more impact/value to customers. Recently we added the Selection tool for Decision Making to our Idea Management platform Accept Mission. Today we are launching Boards: an easy to use digital live collaboration tool.

This new Accept Mission tool makes both physical and remote brainstorming very effective and a piece of cake. The added value is live structured collaboration to:

  •  Share ideas – Add ideas, inspire and get inspired quickly
  • Solve Challenges – Analyze, categorize and solve all kinds of challenges together
  • Sharpen strategies – Get important insights and build strategies

Note: test customers are using it for many more cases: project evaluation, start/keep/stop; SWOT; problem finding; solution finding; collecting input for a product roadmap

Live collaboration

Collaboration is essential to innovation. Teams need to work together to collect ideas, find solutions for problems, analyze, group & prioritize captured ideas, and finally make smart decisions that have high impact and create maximum value. Most organizations use tools to assist in workflow collaboration for instance to capture ideas or manage projects and mostly involve only employees and rarely any customers or partners. Digital ‘open’ tools for innovation collaboration aren’t commonly used in organizations that need to innovate. This is how Accept Mission – Idea Management platform becomes relevant.

Most common use cases for live collaboration with boards:

  • Digital meetings: collaborate in real time but from different places
  • Live Workshops: collaborate in real time in same physical room with big (touch) screen
  • Hybrid workshops: Some people are in the same physical room and others will participate remotely
  • Time independent, each on your own: Share insights and work together time independent

Boards Key Features:

  • Use drag & drop to categorize items (ideas, problems and solutions).
  • Easily add likes and comments.
  • Use Boards on ‘touch’ devices such as tablets, iPad or large smart screens.
  • No loss of content with Boards after the collaboration session is finished
  • Full integration with other Accept Mission tools: for further collaboration
  • Every Accept Mission user can create new Boards in just seconds, invite colleagues instantly and collaborate real time.

In other words: Boards allows users to move beyond the traditional workshops, where it’s a must to be physically together. Whilst that is still an option, users can now freely join from anywhere in the world, add items to the board and collaborate on ideas and solutions. All of this is possible on a plethora of devices. And the best thing of all: it’s all live collaboration. That means no more waiting for another person to be finished on the platform or having to add or move items in turns. You can now collaborate real time without hindering the progress of another!

Want to learn more about Accept Mission, get in contact with one of our innovation professionals during a demo!

How to start a Board step by step:

Step 1: Create a new board and start your live collaboration session in just seconds
Step 2: Invite other users to join your collaboration session
Step 3: Add item cards, add likes & comments to other item cards and organize item cards via drag & drop.

Want to see boards in action? See the video below!

Published On: October 12th, 2020Categories: Idea generation, Idea management, Innovation management

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