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The Accept Mission Inbox is like a traditional inbox with the purpose of collecting many ideas. However, compared to a traditional inbox our digital inbox has many advantages as it comes with powerful tools to manage multiple inboxes, collect ideas from co-workers, partners & clients and validate ideas by adding “scores” with the purpose of generating a topdown list of best ideas to start working on.

New Inbox features

In this update we provide many new features to Inbox. As an Innovation Manager you can now create and manage multiple inboxes; for example an inbox per each department, product, team or client. By inviting colleagues, partners or clients to this inbox, collecting ideas is now a piece of cake. Monitoring these ideas is made very simple with different Inbox views. And to see which ideas best fit your innovation strategy, you can add values such as “Impact on business”, “Investment cost/saving ” and “strategic fit” to link them to your company’s business goals.

Inbox view

For the Accept Mission Inbox you can now select different views, such as list view or card view.  The example below shows the card view of all active inboxes. With this view you see the total number of ideas, the inbox owner and number of “ideas to review”  per active inbox.  Adding a new inbox is done in two clicks.

Managing unlimited Ideas per Inbox

To show all the ideas per inbox the idea tool has four different views: list view, card view, kanban & graph. This is usefull if you want to see different parameters of all submitted ideas.

The image below shows the kanban view for ideas in Inbox “Newsletter”. With this view you can easily see the status of the ideas in that particular inbox. And with the new drag & drop feature you can easily change the status of ideas (example from “review” to “planned”). Pretty cool, so check it out. We keep on working on releasing new features & updates.

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Published On: February 17th, 2020Categories: Idea management

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