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The new integration of Power BI is released today. With the Power BI connection, it becomes easy to create advanced and customizable dashboards with live data captured from Accept mission. Power BI is a business intelligence tool of Microsoft, which makes it easy to convert company data into visual dashboards in order to make smart decisions. The data integration update is not only for Power BI. Also, other BI tools can use this integration. For example: Excel, Tableau.

All customers that will use the Power BI Dashboard will receive a template of the ultimate Innovation Dashboard. You can combine data, create & share rapports and visualize dynamic reports. Also, it is possible to build data models, which makes sure the entire organisations get the same reports and data to make the same analyses.

Live data in Power BI (or other BI platforms)
With this connector (provides via OData 4.0) users will get live data. The data stream is provided into tables who are connected as an optimized database structure. Perfectly formatted for Business Intelligence activities.

Measure and improve important KPI’s
Based on the data in Power BI or other BI platform you can measure, analyse and improve the key performance indicators. You can use the Innovation Dashboard to include data in existing dashboards and reports or build your own dashboard.

Dashboards to communicate internally
With the use of Power BI, users can create dashboards with graphs, reports, filters, etc. Dashboards can be published on a intranet or provides via other sources like Microsoft Teams, email of other tools that can receive and provide published Power BI dashboards. Ofcourse the data can be enriched with text cognitive functions and services.

The new Power BI connection is available for all Accept Mission clients. This purchase comes with a secure connection API key and a Power BI Innovation Dashboard template. Curious about this new feature? Contact us or Book a demo and we will share the possibilities.

Published On: September 23rd, 2020Categories: Accept Mission platform, Innovation management

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