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What is Accept Mission Selection?
The idea selection tool is used to do smart decision making. For instance you need to build an innovation portfolio and want to know which idea/project you should start working on first. This is what you need: choose a couple of ideas from your inbox, create a set of criteria and invite a focus group to review the ideas.

User Story
As Innovation manager you captured a lot of ideas in several inboxes. Now your CEO is asking you “what is going to be the next innovation project?”. From all the captured ideas you want to select only the best idea(s) to build your innovation roadmap.  So what you do is invite a focus group: for instance the innovation team, Top management, investors, or maybe event clients to review a list of ideas. You collect their feedback on what idea/project they think should get the highest priority to start as next innovation project.

With our selection tool you easily pick a number of ideas from different inboxes, create your own set of criteria and invite a focus group to give their scores. When the selection mission is complete, the selection dashboard gives you an organised list of the top rated ideas based on the average scores for all ideas.

If you want to try our selection tool go to

Or watch the “selection” tutorial on VIMEO

Published On: July 23rd, 2020Categories: Idea management

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