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How is data encrypted?2022-01-14T14:21:53+01:00

We use the latest versions of Encryption TLS v1.3
Clusters are deployed behind proxies and are not visible to internet scanning. Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted communication from the Internet is provided in the default configuration (version 1.3). Accept Mission nodes run in isolated containers, configured according to the principle of least privilege, and with restrictions on system calls and allowed root operations. Accept Mission nodes communicate using TLS. Cluster data is encrypted at rest. API access is limited to Accept Mission APIs, and no remote access to the instance or container at the Linux level is allowed. Containers have no means of setting up communication with containers from another cluster.

We do not perform Internet-based penetration testing against production Accept Mission offerings, however, we do use third parties to perform application security assessments against the Accept Mission software components used to deliver these services.

Data transit

Data into servers
All the incoming connections towards our servers are required to be encrypted with industry standard SSL encryption. Latest SSL Labs report can be found here.

Data between our servers
Connections between our servers (i.e. web servers <-> databases) are encrypted via TLS v1.3 with a AES-256bit encryption method. Secrets such as database password, API secrets are encrypted using the same AES-256bit method.

Data out of our servers
Once the request is processed, the response is sent back using the same HTTPs SSL encrypted connection.

Read all of encryption in our Security Overview page

How is the security managed?2022-01-14T14:19:10+01:00

Security is one of the most vital parts in offering a cloud software solution to our clients. Securing sensitive data is central to our values at Accept Mission. This is why we have implemented rigorous security policies that we continue review, update and build upon. As organization and in the software solutions we deliver.

“We are Committed to Information Security and Privacy”

Accept Mission maintains a comprehensive information security program that includes appropriate technical and organizational measures designed to protect our customers’ cluster data against unauthorized access, modification, or deletion.

Security of Accept Mission overview

Where is the data stored?2022-01-14T14:16:36+01:00

All data of Accept Mission is stored in West Europe. Our solutions are built and stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure. Enterprise customers can change the location of their database to a different location is that is required.

What can I customize?2021-12-27T14:14:32+01:00

We understand the importance of customization for any organization to make it fit their brand color and logo. This is why we offer organizations to add their own logo and name. custom colors, and styling, custom domain, and more.

Does Accept Mission integrate with other business applications?2021-12-27T13:38:03+01:00

Yes, Accept Mission integrates with all the most important business applications. Take a look at our product tour to find all our integrations within Accept Mission.

How can Accept Mission be so affordable?2022-09-02T15:27:03+02:00

Accept Mission’s vision is to accelerate the innovation mindset, skillset, and toolset for every company. The number of clients we have allows us to charge a very competitive price for our customers. With this, we are making the software available for every company.

What are my payment options?2022-09-02T15:40:28+02:00

The standard way to pay for Accept Mission is by invoice. We do also offer payments per Credit Card. Please contact us for any questions.

What language is Accept Mission available in?2022-09-02T15:43:09+02:00

Accept Mission is available in 22 available languages. Standard the application is in English. Using the application in a different language is possible. This is one of the addons we offer. Please custact us for more information. We are happy to help.

What kind of support does Accept Mission provide?2021-12-27T13:38:44+01:00

We offer fast email and chat support for paid accounts and prioritized help for Business and Enterprise customers, as defined in our Service Level Agreement. The Help Center is available for free on any plan.

Can Accept Mission handle large volumes of traffic?2021-12-27T14:23:02+01:00

Yes. Accept Mission workspaces scale automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits. All plans benefit from top-of-the-line Google Cloud page speeds – letting your people load and submit ideas without delays.

How long does it take to learn Accept Mission?2022-09-02T15:39:28+02:00

The software is built based on worldwide standards. What is specific is how you use the software. For example, it is essential to ask a good question in an innovation campaign. Even with that, we offer training and examples that work. Read some customer reviews on our site to hear how easy it is.

In the application, there are product tours, training videos, learning courses and live chat available.

We understand de importance of a user-friendly interface. We listen to our client’s needs, and that is why Accept Mission is user-friendly. Furthermore, Accept Mission offers the option to start for free, which means you can create a company within 2 minutes.

From there, Accept Mission just explains itself. If you’re new to running innovation in your team, our ‘getting started and our academy will help you understand our platform quickly.

Can I change my plan later?2022-09-02T15:43:37+02:00

With Accept Mission you are never locked into a plan that does not fit. You can add or remove users, change plans, and downgrade to the Free plan at any time.

Can I trial Accept Mission before paying?2022-09-02T15:44:10+02:00

Sure! Start your trial via our website (start trial). You can test out our paid plans for free for up to 30 days, no credit card required. After that, you can continue to use the free plan or contact us to extend your trial.

How do I get started?2022-09-02T15:47:14+02:00

Startng is simple. You can create your account directly via the STart Trial on our website. This will give you a free trial of the software for 30 days. Whenever you are ready to start your paid plan then you just have to contact us and we will upgrade your plan. Our expert team will help you to setup and configure the application for your needs.

Enterprise customers can choose from 4 implementation packages to kickstart the use of Accept Mission for the innovation team. Contact us for more information.

Can you advise / help implementing idea management in my organization?2024-04-05T19:04:54+02:00

Yes, we can. Our consultants help organizations to be more successful and speed up the implementation process continuously. Contact us for more information about:

  • Training Accept Mission
  • Training Idea Management
  • Implementing Idea management in the organization
  • Idea Management Strategy Sprint
  • Innovation Strategy Sprint
  • Big challenge Program / Event

Implementation services or training is not necessary but you will be up to speed faster and will build a way of working based on experiences. Contact us for more information

Can I upgrade or downgrade a plan at any time?2019-09-23T15:26:52+02:00

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade a plan at any time. Your new plan will be automatically adjusted. When downgrading you will lose functionality. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?2022-09-02T15:39:51+02:00

We work with Yearly contracts. If you want a multi-year contract, we offer a discount on that. Please contact us for the options.

How is the number of active users calculated?2022-09-02T15:40:19+02:00

The number of users is calculated on the total users in User Management. We always try to keep it as simple as possible so we don’t make a difference between normal users and Administrators.

Do you have pricing for educators?2019-01-02T12:23:30+01:00

Yes, please contact us for more information!

Do I have to supply my credit card for the personal account?2019-09-23T15:34:30+02:00

No, signing up for the personal account is completely free and doesn’t require a credit card.

How do I sign up?2021-12-24T13:57:30+01:00

It’s really simple to sign up to Accept Mission. The only thing you have to do is click on the “Sign up” button at the top of the website. After completing your information you’ll be signed up and you can use Accept Mission right away!

We wish you many great ideas and results!

Team Accept Mission