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You want to maximize innovation success by boosting idea collection, running campaigns, score & select, idea collaboration, and Report & Dashboards. With our idea management software, you get smart insights, select the best ideas, and do group decision-making to create more business value together.

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AI-Powered Innovation tool

Campaigns and brainstorms that stimulate people

Launch dynamic idea campaigns to gather insights, challenges, and solutions from across your organization, all over the globe. Our engaging approach turns the process into an exciting mission, encouraging “agent” participation and uncovering hidden gems with the potential to create real impact. With Accept Mission, you’re not just harnessing creativity; you’re making innovation a strategic cornerstone of everything your business does.

Advanced idea funnel management and Power AI

Organize, track, and develop ideas from inception to approval with unparalleled ease. Our platform provides dynamic tools to enrich all of your ideas, utilizing AI and visualizations to categorize, prioritize, and select the most promising ones. With group decision making, you can speed up your innovation funnel like never before, turning your Kanban into a structured, manageable flow and driving real business value.
Innovation powerful and easy to use
Smart insights and group-decision making tools

Gamification, scoring and groups-decision making

Accept Mission injects an element of fun and competition into the innovation process, motivating participants to unleash their creativity and contribute more actively. Through leaderboards, points, badges, and undercover modes, we make participation not just rewarding, but exhilarating. Engage your team in a way that encourages thinking outside of the box, driving a higher quantity and quality of ideas. You will get tools for score, select and group-decision making!

Powerful innovation reports & Dashboards

Measure the performance of your idea funnels, missions (campaigns), project funnels, company innovation dashboard. All is included in easy to use ad powerful reports.

Choose to integrate the data with your favorite BI Software like Power BI and get all your data and powerful insights in your company dashboards in no time!

Innovation powerful and easy to use

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