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You want to maximize innovation success by boosting innovation projects, score & select, group decision making, and report & Dashboards. With our innovation management software, you get smart insights, select the best ideas, and do group decision-making to create more business value together.

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With Accept Mission it’s easy to implement your selected ideas quickly. Our project management tools are designed to streamline execution, ensuring every innovation project is completed on time, on budget, and true to target. With Accept Mission, project management becomes a collaborative, transparent, and efficient process, so that every step forward contributes to making an impact.

Time saving scoring and groups-decision making + AI

Innovation software that facilitates the scoring of ideas with custom criteria. Together with AI powered scoring and high opportunity spotting of ideas decision making is fast and smart. Let experts, management or customers participate in smart group-decision making mission and make better decisions in no time!
Innovation powerful and easy to use
Smart insights and group-decision making tools

Powerful reports & Dashboards

Measure the performance of your idea funnels, missions (campaigns), project funnels, company innovation dashboard. All is included in easy to use ad powerful reports.

Choose to integrate the data with your favorite BI Software like Power BI and get all your data and powerful insights in your company dashboards in no time!

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From the moment you join, our expert team guides you through every step of the setup and ensures that your transition to our platform is frictionless and smooth. With personalised training sessions, comprehensive resources, and responsive customer support, we’re here to empower your team, answer your questions, and help you maximise your innovation potential. Accept Mission is not just a tool; we’re your partner in innovation.
Innovation powerful and easy to use

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