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How big is the innovation power? What is already working well and what can you optimize or add? With the Innovation Maturity Quick Scan we measure the innovative strength of the organization in 5 different domains. You will instantly receive the total score and within one day you will receive a call from us about the results of the scan.

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Innovation maturity scan

Introduction Quick Scan

Find out instantly how far innovation has developed in your organization. Discover which parts still need development and which are already at the desired level. After you finish this quick scan, you immediately receive your Innovation Maturity score. We will call you within one day about the logical follow-up actions.

The scan ensures you that you know within one day at what innovation level your organization is now. By knowing at what level you are, we can show in one email which parts of your organization needs to be improved. The scan consists of 5 domains, each with 3 to 4 questions that together determine the maturity level of your company.

What’s in it for me?

  • Quick insight into current innovation level
  • Advice based on current and desired situation
  • Measured on 5 different domains
  • 25 questions in an average of 8 minutes
  • Receive the score instantly
  • Optionally follow-up on a larger scale

Innovation Maturity Model

If an organization decides to continue to grow, innovation is inseparable with the grow. Generally, 50% of the growth has to do with innovation. The start can be made quickly: collecting innovative ideas, free up the budget, appointing special project managers who can manage the innovative projects. Than the question is, what will be your next step? What will have the biggest impact? Most of the time the organization doesn’t have the resources to execute everything. It’s important to choose between multiple steps you want to take. Which steps have priority and which steps can be postponed?

Innovation can be of great value if you use it in every layer of your organization, from strategy to operations and the supporting systems. This will have a big impact on your organization if it is done correctly. Not surprising that it takes effort to have a clear organization map for innovation. The Innovation Maturity model can provide these insights and overviews. An Innovation Maturity Model helps organizations to make the right development step by step.

Levels of maturity

Maturity level
  1. Initiated

Innovation takes place, but usually ad-hoc and completely driven by individual questions from customers and/or employees. In the company, people are generally not yet fully aware of what in innovatie organization must comply with and which roles and responsibilities go with it.

  1. Defined

Ideas are now actively being collected, but optimized innovation processes or procedures are not yes used for this. People are aware of the required roles and responsibilities, they just have not yet been assigned and given the right priority.

  1. Managed

Innovations are actively managed from a roadmap. Almost all parts of the Innovation Framework have been implemented and work together to a certain extent. Roles and responsibilities are clear and assigned.

  1. Optimized

The roadmap with innovatie projects and initiatives are the driving force behind forces behind the strategic planning, project management and innovation. All parts of the innovation framework have been implemented and have already undergone several of improvements. Roles and responsibilities are clear and assigned