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Innovation management software to engage people,

collect ideas and deliver business value

Powerful and cross platform idea & innovation management software. Easy setup and many configurations possible. Advanced security and multi-level encryption and access levels

  • All-in-one integrated innovation platform

  • Powerful but easy to use

  • Smart interfaces and visualisations

  • Integrates with your business applications

Accept Mission innovation software

Collect ideas with idea campaigns (missions)

Idea collection, innovation campaigns and digital brainstorming
Idea campaign (mision)

Collect ideas, build challenges, and facilitate live collaboration brainstorming. All necessary features included: upvoting, gamification, engagement, leaderboards, reports, and smart notifications.

  • Advanced and flexible campaign builder

  • Gamification with undercover modus and leaderboards

  • Live collaboration boards: brainstorm, categorize and score

Manage ideas with funnels / Stage-Gate

Have a total overview of all ideas and manage idea funnels

Manage all ideas in one place ideas. Categorize, favorite, follow, group, like ideas directly. Create idea funnels (stage gates), set owners and automatically follow up ideas based on the quality.

  • Overview with visualisations (Kanban, bubble & impact charts)

  • Manage idea funnels and automate stage gate process.

  • Reports and dashboards to share progress of idea management

Idea Management for continuous improvements with Funnels

Score & select individual & groups decision making

Score and select ideas via various methods
Score & Select ideas

After collecting many ideas, it is time for scoring and selecting the best to follow up. Accept Missions delivers multiple ways to score and select ideas. From liking to advanced selection missions for stakeholders and end users. Smart decision making is key for innovation success!

  • Upvoting with likes and comments

  • Smart business coring with impact investment scores

  • Custom scoring criteria and weighted values

  • Smart algorithms that indicate interesting ideas

Manage Innovation Project portfolio

Easily manage your innovation projects and portfolio

Boost innovation success by implementing innovation projects (stage-gate) and managing the innovation portfolio.

  • Track and boost progress

  • Deliver projects faster and better

  • Measure innovation success rate

Project and Portfolio Management

Innovation  Dashboards, Reports, and Power BI

Follow and optimize progress and communicate victories!
Innovation Reports & dashboard

Share valuable innovation insights and measure and improve the performance directly in the application. We deliver an overview innovation dashboard and multiple reports and dashboards for every tool. Connect your favorite BI tool and receive data directly.

  • Innovation dashboards with KPI’s and graphs

  • Live data connection (BI platform like Power BI)

  • Kanban boards, bubble charts, Gantt charts, graphs, etc.

People engagement and skill insights

Engage people internally and externally to share ideas, collaborate and innovate

Engage people in strategy development, business development, and of course idea and innovation management. People join missions, share ideas, enrich ideas, collect points, win leaderboards. Connect employees, customers, partners with closed or open innovation missions (challenges).

  • Employees, customers, partners, guest users

  • Open innovation and hackathon

  • Many Gamification elements to attract and stimulate people

  • Undercover modes to stimulate creativity and inclusiveness


Gamification to attract and stimulate people

Manage gamification elements to stimulate creativity, participation, and reward people

Gamification is proven to stimulate people to participate, be more creative and to reward people. Make use of the many gamification elements like: leaderboards, XP, undercover mode (avatars), deadlines, smart notifications, etc.

  • Leaderboards

  • Like, comment, and share ideas

  • Put timer on brainstorm sessions

Integrate with your business applications

We integrate with the most important business applications

Innovation and innovation software should be working seamlusly with most common business applications. Accept Mission integrates with the most important and most used business applications. Add new ideas directly in Microsoft Teams or do deep analysis of ideas in your favorite BI application.

  • Microsoft Office

  • BI integration (example: Power BI)

  • API Integrations

  • Custom integration

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