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AI tools to empower innovators

Leverage the power of AI to gain deep insights into trends, patterns, and opportunities. Accept Mission’s AI tools help you make informed decisions, enhance idea content, and stay ahead of the innovation curve. From generative AI for enriching ideas to predictive analytics for forecasting trends, our AI capabilities ensure that your innovation strategy is data-driven, insightful, and future-ready.

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Generate idea with AI

Generate ideas with AI

Who will be more creative? Human or Machine? Innovators can choose to add an idea manually or to generate an idea via AI. When choosing an idea, it also generates the Image for the ideas automatically.

High opportunity ideas (AI)

Our AI model will help you spot high-opportunity ideas in your funnel. This will save innovators time and deliver faster value for the business. It stimulates faster and better decision-making. The AI model is continuously learning from you and will improve even more when you use it.

high opportunity ideas with AI
similar ideas

Find similar or duplicate ideas with AI

Innovators will be notified of the idea has a high similarity with one or more other ideas. As a Idea Funel Owner you get a notification when there is a protential duplicate idea on a daily basis. Duplicate? Then you can Merge or Bundle the ideas. With this you can always keep your idea funnel clean.

Generate briefings with AI

Of course you can use all you creative power to wrtie your own brieings… but why should you? Make use of the AI tools in the breifings for example to generate a Mission brieifng with AI. We built it in such a way that you only have to fill in a couple of fields and we will generate a complete briefing dat you can use straight away. This improved quality and saves time for innovators!

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