Product tour – Innovation Campaigns

Collect ideas with gamification, collaboration and scoring. Engagement and results in no time!

Innovation campaigns

With the software you can run three types of innovation campaigns (missions) to collect the best ideas. Engage people internally and externally.  Smart scoring and selecting of the most promising ideas. Report the best participants, teams, ideas.

Collaborate on ideas

Users work together to share knowledge and improve ideas. You can upvote, follow, score,  share ideas and get notified with updates.

3 types of campaigns

You get 3 types of missions: Idea boxes to collect ideas based on 1 topic, Ideation a script where you can ask many questions about one topic, and Boards where you can facilitate live collaboration on a whiteboard.


To boost people engagement and creativity: users go undercover and work with timers, goals, experience points, leaderboards and teams.

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Features included

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