People Engagement and Gamification

Engage people internally and externally to innovation

and business strategy goals

Gamification to engage people

The software offers many tools to engage people in multiple ways. Experience Points (XP), Levels, smart notifications, timers, deadlines, undercover modes, Missions, Leaderboards, reports, top users, Experts, Skills, etc.

undercover profiles

Undercover modes

Lets people join Missions and go undercover in your organisation. you can chose to let people go undercover and not use their real identity. When they join the Mission they need to chose one of the 400+ undercover avatars. This makes everyone equal, stimulates creativity, and stimulated engagement.

ExPerience Points (XP) and Levels

All actions of users is rewarded with eXperience Points. Experience points lead into higher levels. Next to this there are trophies to be won. For example if you won a Mission with the most XP. Or did submit your first idea, First Idea you submitted is approved etc.

xp and levels
top users


Both for Idea Missions (collect ideas), Idea Funnels, Project Funnels and overall on department / company level you can generate Leaderboards with best users based on Experience points, Ideas, comments, likes, etc.

Innovation Dashboards and Reports

Our innovation dashboard will help give an overview of all innovation success within our platform. View the idea funnel, top 5 projects, idea boxes, ideations, boards, and more to have a clear overview of all progress being made.

Innovation Reports & dashboard

Features included

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