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Manage all ideas easily and efficiently

Manage ideas

Store your ideas in Innovation Funnels. you can customize the funnel admin team and the stages and gates. Assign Innovation campaigns to collect and collaborate on these ideas from various sources (intern and extern) with different missions (campaigns).

For example, use an Innovation Funnel per department, per campaign or to make a distinction between improvements and innovations. So, you have clear insight of the progress and even can control the visibility and security.

Collaborate on ideas

Users work together to enrich ideas, share knowledge, link to other experts and improve ideas. You can upvote, follow, score, share ideas and get notified.

New generation innovation software is highly focused on collaboration. it is not the sexiest ideas that win… it is all about the feasibility en execution power.

Funnel Management

With funnel management, you’ll have a clear overview of all ideas and in what stage and status of the ideas. This will help you progress the right ideas. Know you is the owner of evry item and what the current end next steps are. Based on all information you get clear reports of the progress and the value of your innovation funnel.

Innovation teams can work together easily and review & enrich ideas and assigning ideas to the right persons.

Start innovation projects

With our projects tool, we help organizations turn ideas into actual projects. In the end it is one total funnel but you can make a clear cut between ideas and projects. The ide funnel is ending when the proposal for a project is approved and then this is the first stage of an Innovation Project in the projects funnel.

Manage your progress, status, stage, innovation impact, and much more to exactly know in which stage you are with all your projects within your company.

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