Integrate innovation software in your business applications

Integrate innovation in your business applications

Integrates with your Business applications

Integration is key to make sure the SaaS solution is seamless integrating with your business. There are many ways in how Accept Mission offers business integration.

  • Security and authentication
  • API – Application Programming Interface
  • Data connection (BI-Software)
  • Project management integration
  • Automation integration
  • Custom integrations

Having questions about integration? Our integration experts can help you with any question / request you have.

Accept Mission integrations
openaiam ai powered innovation

AI Integrations (OpenAI)

Standard we integrate with many models of OpenAI to empower innovators in the best possible way. Generate Campaigns / Missions, generate ideas, find similar / duplicate ideas, score ideas, Find high opportunity ideas, find Experts in your company, generate images, and many more.

Single Sign On (SSO)

To comply with your security policies we offer many integrations for Single Sign On. This means users will login via the Security process and policies of your organisation. This makes logging in secure and easy for users. On top of that users who leave your organisation automatically have no access to your innovation platform.

We offer SSO integrations for: Entra, Azure, OpenID, OAuth, SAML, Google SAML, Google OpenID, Third party SSO providers.

azure entra security
power bi v2Power BI dashboard

Data Connection with Power BI or other BI Software

Present all your innovation data, KPI’s and Reports in Power BI or any other BI software like Excel, Qlik, Tableau, SAP. In a secured Open Data connection all relevant data is shared live.

We provide Power Templates so you can get a kickstart of building your company innovation dashboard / reports in no time.

Office 365 Document

You can choose to store documents in Accept Mission or to connect documents with Ideas or Projects. All clients have an storage limit with Fair use policy.

office documents
microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Integration

Integrate your Funnels, Missions, Projects and Ideas in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Easily invite users and collaborate on innovation from within Teams or SharePoint. Users will experience also the integration with Single Sign On for easy and secure access.

Email integration

For idea campaigns to collect ideas from internal end external users it is possible to make use of an unique generated emailaddress to add ideas via email.

On a smart way the content will be transformed into valid ideas that can be processed further.

You can use this integration to automatically forward mails or to integrate applications to add ideas. For example a form that sends the result as an email can be directly connected.

project management software

Project Management integrations

Integrate your favorite Project management software with Accept Mission. There is a basic integration available to connect easily online projects with ideas and projects in Accept Mission.

You can also use the project management tools in the software to manage projects, tasks, performance and visualize your project portfolio.

API – Application Interface – Built your own integration

You can use of our state of the art API to built an integration with Accept Mission to any application you would like. Make user of objects: ideas, projects, funnels, missions, selections, users, scoring, etc.

We can always assist you in integrating your applications. Ask your contact person.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management


Security is importing our solution architecture. Accept Mission is build completely in the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. The data is standard stored in West Europe. We are ISO 270001 certified: Security Management and cyber security and GDPR.

We can provide you with more details.

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