Innovation Management for many use cases

There are many use cases available to use Accept Mission in your organization. Below, you can find the most common use cases. We can always provide specific reference cases if needed.


  • Collect ideas for departments, teams, or company-wide

  • Collect ideas to innovate company strategy, processes, SWOTs, start keep stop

  • Collect ideas from employees, partners, customers, or external participants

  • Collect ideas via browser, mobile, and integrate with business applications

Collect ideas from different sources


Ideas for innovations are everywhere: within the organization, but also outside the organization. In order to achieve success, it is important to capture and further develop these ideas and to measure their value to finally implement them at the right time. As an innovation manager, you want to hear the ideas of your employees but also those of your customers, suppliers and partners. The best way to capture ideas is to collect them independent of time, place and device.


Within Accept Mission, our innovation software, you can create inboxes for specific subjects or themes to collect ideas easily. You decide who has access to the idea inboxes and who will eventually do the first screening of ideas. Ideas can easily be added by users across all devices and from every location. There are many configurable settings per inbox. For example, you can decide if users post ideas and comments based on their real identify or go ‘undercover’. This kind of feature will help to get the most and the best ideas. The inbox makes it easy for you to collect ideas from departments for products, or for business challenges.


Collaborate on ideas and improve them


The best ideas are the ideas that are reviewed and improved by users. Without a platform, ideas are shared in teams and between people who work together. It can be hard to sell a raw idea. Also, it is difficult to share your ideas with a crowd that understands the situation, problem and even the technology for the solution. You need to share your ideas in a way that others can collaborate in an attempt to improve the quality of an idea. Share experiences, ask questions, and make suggestions to enhance the quality of ideas.


Accept Mission has various collaboration features to help users work together to generate new ideas and to improve ideas. For example: liking, reviewing, scoring and commenting. You can create inboxes for subjects or per department and can invite certain people to help solve a case or to generate ideas for potential new projects or propositions. How would you use the platform to collaborate together in order to level up an ideas?


  • Upvote ideas by liking to prioritize them

  • Use comments to give feedback or to enrich ideas

  • Share your mission with users to review ideas or to improve existing ideas


  • Asking your customers to generate ideas for product features

  • Asking your customers the problems they are facing

  • Asking employees and customers for ideas to improve customer satisfaction

  • Employees and customers work together undercover to build a new proposition

  • Partners in businesses work together to help the end-customer

  • A network company is collecting ideas for new events or propositions

  • Pulse innovation: an innovation challenge every day/week/month

Engage people internally and externally


People work together more digitally than ever. Connecting people and engaging them to work together to build the best results for the organization can be hard. You need to engage people from different teams, locations or even countries. It doesn’t matter if they are employees, partners or customers – you need a platform to collect ideas from different sources. A survey will not do the job. Physical workshops and brainstorms sound interesting, but take too much time and money. What you need is a single place to engage people so they can collaborate on ideas, no matter where they are, no matter on what device, which time or what skillset they have.


Accept Mission is a complete platform on which users can work together on ideas and solve challenges together. It is not about generating the best ideas. You will get the best solutions if people from different backgrounds collaborate to generate the best ideas. Users can add ideas, vote on ideas of others, comment and improve them and score them, to get the best ideas. You can start online brainstorms, innovation campaigns, open up an inbox and do selection missions for smart decision making. What question will boost the discussion of your audience?


Smart decision-making


Once you have collected many ideas, it is important to track them. You can choose to build a slide deck per proposal or to even present the ideas to a board, but these kind of processes take a lot of time. In meetings, people are not always on board in evaluating ideas in a smart way. A mismatch in person, presentation skills, writing style or emotions can play a big part in smart decision-making for the business. Stop gambling with ideas that sound interesting. You need a smart platform that helps in making smart decisions. Select the best ideas and improve the success rate!


The platform delivers tools for selection. For example, you select the top 10 best ideas that are potentially interesting to start a project and select the criteria which are necessary to base a decision on. Selected users will receive an invite to score ideas based on the criteria. Users will score the ideas and the report will show independent of the voters what the best ideas are. Ideas therefore need to be scored on predefined variables. Don’t only choose an idea because you like it, but because it fits the criteria. This will increase your innovation success. With Accept Mission, you are able to qualify the best ideas and calculate their impact. With this tool, smart decision making is easy. Is an idea successful? Then start a project (tool). A group of people always knows more than a single person.


  • Make smart decisions without physical meetings

  • Prequalify ideas and select the best ideas to turn into projects

  • Define scores for impact and investment

  • Smart estimation in costs and impact variables to compare business variables

  • Invite large groups to review and score ideas or concepts


  • Validating new concept on propositions

  • Validating new concepts on launching customers

  • Validating proof of concepts

  • Collecting feedback in a systematic way on your product

Validate ideas with users


Before investing a significant amount of time and resources in developing a product or concept no one wants, an idea should be validated. Make sure that your ideas are based on a real demand, otherwise there’s a real risk of them becoming ‘just nice ideas’. A good way to validate ideas is to conduct interviews or set up user panels. It is difficult to keep the interview unbiased while you are enthusiastic about your own idea. A large group would take a lot of time, therefore it’s very important to have a target group to validate the idea(s).


Let the end users validate the ideas with the selection tool. With this tool, the audience can give feedback in a systematic way. Gather all validation data in one place including feedback. With Accept Mission you are able to set up target groups. With this target group you no longer need to invite people personally, but you can invite a selected group at the same time. Because it is time and place independent, you can reach a large group of internal and external people within a short time.


Manage innovation projects portfolio


There are many initiatives and projects going on in your organization that you might sometimes not even know about. Or, you could just be building up to start them. Too many innovation projects are started or too few. To be more successful with innovation, you need an overview of all innovation projects that are planned, being executed or completed. You also want to know where innovation projects are contributing to one or multiple strategic domains. You need to measure your performance and the status of projects and you want to report on it. Also, it is important to keep track of progress and performance. The more you know, the better you can steer into the right direction. Innovation projects are really specific on this so spreadsheets or Kanban solutions like Trello are not sufficient for this purpose. You want to deliver projects faster and better. What is your innovation success rate? Are you improving it?


With Accept Mission, you can manage planned, started and completed projects continuously. Assign users to the projects and centrally manage the progress and status reports. Automatically, reports are there to calculate the success and the insights of projects. A clear overview of all projects within the organization is divided over the various departments within the organization. Set strategic domains and keep control over the innovation projects. Measure your innovation success rate so you are always on track for success!


  • Follow projects and status updates

  • Generate smart reports about the progress of the innovation success

  • Get a clear overview of all projects divided over the various departments

  • Automatically manage reports


  • Bring the right people together with an automated innovation mission

  • Invite large group of people while it is time, place and function independent

  • A simple report with all ideas

  • Make sure of the ‘undercover’ mode, so that customers and employees can brainstorm together while not knowing who is on the other side of the screen

  • A lot of ideas in a short amount of time

Online brainstorming – time, place and device independent 


Everyone likes brainstorming. The downside of traditional brainstorming is that it is hard to get people in the same room. Even if you have the people in the same room, you may wonder if these are the people who should be involved. Also, working out the outcome of the brainstorm costs a lot of time. Therefore it costs a lot of time and money to organize sessions like these. Also the role of the facilitator is extremely important for the brainstorm to be successful. Sometimes, you need ideas faster and you want more people who can join and share ideas.


Use Accept Mission to organize brainstorms time, place and device independent. Build your mission (use one of our many templates), invite a group of agents, publish and sit back to see the results fly in. It is easy to invite external parties while people are undercover and it is time and place independent. Within a short period of time, a clear report will be generated, including scores of the participants. Use the best ideas to create amazing innovation projects.


Idea Management Campaign with gamification elements


Gamification is what stimulates users to participate. Engaged people will help to reach the important goals and to build a stronger culture. One of the pitfalls of traditional brainstorming is that participants are biased because of their position in the organization or because they know each other. What if you can share ideas undercover? What if you can score points and see how valuable your participation is?


With Accept Mission, you can use many gamification elements in missions, like: undercover participation, setting up goals, timers, scoring points, teams working together, etc. It’s an easy way to intensify and speed up your idea generation and collecting. With the timers, you can let users feel they have a short amount of time to trigger them to come up with ideas right now. It is even possible to put customers and employees in the same brainstorm through the undercover mode. You can drive participation, contribution and collaboration. Challenge people by getting them to a higher score. Science proves that it results in a more open mind, more engagement and the ability to give a positive twist to challenges.


  • Short-term solutions for a specific problem

  • Invite large groups of people to come up with ideas in a certain period of time

  • Automatically new campaign every week / every month

  • Let customers and employees brainstorm together without knowing eachother


  • All knowledge at a central point

  • Invite large group of people based on their knowledge

  • Let people with common knowledge build on ideas

Knowledge management – Share ideas on subjects


A major challenge within the organization is that a lot of knowledge is unused. When you have selected ideas you want the ideas becomes something real. Let people with common knowledge build on ideas. Find people based on knowledge expertise, connect and discuss the subject.


Create profiles based on expertise. Then, invite the right people based on these profiles. All knowledge at a central point. Use an inbox to put ideas in there. Have people discuss based on common knowledge, trends and developments and knowledge components. All this knowledge will help to achieve the best result.


Best-practice examples for Accept Mission

Proven Examples for Accept Mission


Generating ideas with small to very very large amount of people (gamification by design).


Managing many idea boxes,
with smart intake, collaboration and advanced selection tools.


Managing the progress of innovation projects with pipelines, boards and reports.

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