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Employees perform better when they know that their ideas and opinions are heard, and their actions have an impact. In today’s world, however, a lot of big companies have so many employees that feel like their voice isn’t heard. To have good employee satisfaction you need to make sure every voice within your company is or can be heard. Employees need to feel engaged to work harder, think better, and contribute to the company with their talents and assets. This does not mean that every idea for improvement needs to be executed or that engagement only comes from ideas. For example, it can also mean that people would like to add ideas to existing ones, help in selection, scoring ideas, or want to participate in innovation projects to grow. 

Furthermore, some departments in a company’s organizational structure have different views on innovation or solutions. For instance, a sales point of view is different from a development point of view. In any case, it’s important for an organization to have every department be part of the conversation to end up with the best results.

Solution for employee engagement

Within Accept Mission, idea & innovation management software, we offer the ability for organizations to invite everyone within the company to be part of the conversation by having the ability to invite people to add, like, and review ideas and add, like, and participate on projects. The software provides solutions to setup innovation campaigns, challenges, user gamification. The following are some interesting highlights: 

Engagement with gamification
As an innovator you can set up campaigns or idea boxes with many different gamified elements to increase the participation level and make innovation even more attractive. Think in terms of leaderboards, teams, going into undercover mode, timers, reminders, and goal setting or challenges. 

Tag management for trend analysis
We provide a powerful Tag system that gives insights in trends and better analysis of ideas. Users and admins can manually add tags to ideas or have it automatically added based on the description of an idea. This all makes it easy to visualize ideas based on tags and analyze trends. 

Inclusiveness with undercover mode
We know how important inclusiveness is and how it can impact results. Therefore, we have our ‘undercover mode’. Within this mode, every invited person will have the opportunity to choose one of the many available avatars and join the mission undercover. 


  • Collaboration and enrichment

  • Liking, comments, tagging, leaderboards
  • Idea campaigns/challenges

  • Gamification elements

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