Idea management campaign with gamification elements


Gamification is what stimulates users to participate. Engaged people will help to reach the important goals and to build a stronger culture. One of the pitfalls of traditional brainstorming is that participants are biased because of their position in the organization or because they know each other. What if you can share ideas undercover? What if you can score points and see how valuable your participation is?


With Accept Mission, you can use many gamification elements in missions, like: undercover participation, setting up goals, timers, scoring points, teams working together, etc. It’s an easy way to intensify and speed up your idea generation and collecting. With the timers, you can let users feel they have a short amount of time to trigger them to come up with ideas right now. It is even possible to put customers and employees in the same brainstorm through the undercover mode. You can drive participation, contribution and collaboration. Challenge people by getting them to a higher score. Science proves that it results in a more open mind, more engagement and the ability to give a positive twist to challenges.


  • Short-term solutions for a specific problem

  • Invite large groups of people to come up with ideas in a certain period of time
  • Automatically new campaign every week / every month

  • Let customers and employees brainstorm together without knowing eachother

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