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There are many initiatives and projects going on in your organization that you might sometimes not even know about. Or, you could just be building up to start them. Too many innovation projects are started or too few. To be more successful with innovation, you need an overview of all innovation projects that are planned, being executed or completed. You also want to know where innovation projects are contributing to one or multiple strategic domains. You need to measure your performance and the status of projects and you want to report on it. Also, it is important to keep track of progress and performance. The more you know, the better you can steer into the right direction. Innovation projects are really specific on this so spreadsheets or Kanban solutions like Trello are not sufficient for this purpose. You want to deliver projects faster and better. What is your innovation success rate? Are you improving it?


With Accept Mission, you can manage planned, started and completed projects continuously. Assign users to the projects and centrally manage the progress and status reports. Automatically, reports are there to calculate the success and the insights of projects. A clear overview of all projects within the organization is divided over the various departments within the organization. Set strategic domains and keep control over the innovation projects. Measure your innovation success rate so you are always on track for success!


  • Follow projects and status updates

  • Generate smart reports about the progress of the innovation success
  • Get a clear overview of all projects divided over the various departments

  • Automatically manage reports

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