Open innovation


The best ideas sometimes come from unexpected situations. To build a competitive advantage, a business’s needs to collect feedback and ideas from every spectrum of the organization. Think of the workforce, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, etc. Open innovation campaigns can be an excellent solution to collect interesting, not yet thought-out innovation ideas for your organization.

Solution for open innovation

Within Accept Mission’s idea and innovation software, we offer not only the possibility for organizations to invite people internally, but also customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders. We understand the importance of privacy which is why you can limit participants in what they can to see or do. To make it even easier for outsiders to join campaigns and challenges, we offer the feature to let users participate anonymus by choosing and avatar and participate ‘undercover’. This not only protects the privacy but even more important makes innovation challenges inclusive. Everyone can join and discussion and collaboration are based on ideas instead of names, job functions and hierarchy. This will also stimulate creativity. In conclusion, open innovation can be as open as possible.  

Collect innovations public
With the software you can collect ideas from people inside and outside your organization. You decide how you would like to set this up and if you want to invite exclusively people to participate. In this case, new users outside of your organization will be having a secure guest role. 

Gamification methods to boost activity
When inviting people outside of your organization you can have collaboration in between and protect the identity of the users. You can choose to let users go undercover. They will select for this challenge an avatar and nobody except the Admins know who is who. This also means the collaboration is more inclusive. Every role, function can participate without having to worry if their input will be excepted. The focus is on the ideas and the collaboration. 

Score and select
Collecting ideas is one thing, but just as important is managing the scoring and selection process of the innovations. Accept Mission provides you with many options to handle this easily. You can do intakes of ideas with a team, and you can give scores in different ways with a broad selection of standard innovation scorings fields and your own created ‘custom fields’. You can also set up different ways for participants to score ideas. Finally, you can create selected missions where a jury, board, customers, or employees have the power to score every idea based on a set of defined criteria. The software will collect all results and the algorithm will help to provide you insights for choosing the best idea(s). 


  • Open innovation challenges (external innovations)

  • Internal innovation challenge
  • Best idea challenge

  • Innovation event

  • Sustainability open innovation challenge

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