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Developing products and services is a core activity for many organizations to grow the business and match the demands of customers. Ideas for new products and services are everywhere but the challenge is to capture those ideas and select the best ideas to place them on the roadmap for development. Besides collecting and selecting ideas, it can be very important to engage employees and customers in this process. Make sure you think about how you can engage customers to share ideas for new products and services and how to integrate results with your DevOps environment. 

Solution for new product development

Within Accept Mission’s idea and innovation software, we offer the ability for innovators and product managers and owners to set up idea boxes to collect and manage all ideas for new products or even new features for existing products. Collect ideas from development teams, stakeholders, customers, and users. Let customers weigh in on what ideas are more important than others. It changes the games when users and customers have a say about what ideas they like and what meet their needs.  

Collect ideas with proactive and reactive campaigns, score and select the best ideas (team, stakeholders, users, etc.), and keep track of the progress of new products or features until it is implemented. 

Collect and manage ideas 
Use different ways to collect ideas from the product team, stakeholders, customers, or users. Users can react and like (upvote) ideas. Categorize and manage all the ideas in one place. 

Score and select ideas 
When you are doing a campaign to find new product ideas there is a moment that you need to configurate selection rounds to select the best ideas and bring the best products or new features to the finish line. Use for example expert scoring and selecting round and follow this up with scoring and selection round with the board or with customers. Define a reusable list of selection criteria and generate scores by different people, time, and place independently.  

Tag ideas manually or automatically 
We deliver a powerful Tag system that provides insights into trends and better analysis of ideas. Users and admins can manually add tags to ideas. It is also possible to automate and add tags based on the description of an idea. This way you can easily visualize ideas and analyze trends. 


  • Collect ideas for new products

  • Define ideas for new services
  • Users add new feature requests (ideas)

  • Users help select the best features

  • Customers score the best new products or services

  • Trend analysis based on user input

  • Build future product roadmap

  • Stimulate and measure the progress of development roadmap

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