Smart decision-making


Once you have collected many ideas, it is important to track them. You can choose to build a slide deck per proposal or to even present the ideas to a board, but these kind of processes take a lot of time. In meetings, people are not always on board in evaluating ideas in a smart way. A mismatch in person, presentation skills, writing style or emotions can play a big part in smart decision-making for the business. Stop gambling with ideas that sound interesting. You need a smart platform that helps in making smart decisions. Select the best ideas and improve the success rate!


The platform delivers tools for selection. For example, you select the top 10 best ideas that are potentially interesting to start a project and select the criteria which are necessary to base a decision on. Selected users will receive an invite to score ideas based on the criteria. Users will score the ideas and the report will show independent of the voters what the best ideas are. Ideas therefore need to be scored on predefined variables. Don’t only choose an idea because you like it, but because it fits the criteria. This will increase your innovation success. With Accept Mission, you are able to qualify the best ideas and calculate their impact. With this tool, smart decision making is easy. Is an idea successful? Then start a project (tool). A group of people always knows more than a single person.


  • Make smart decisions without physical meetings

  • Prequalify ideas and select the best ideas to turn into projects
  • Define scores for impact and investment

  • Smart estimation in costs and impact variables to compare business variables

  • Invite large groups to review and score ideas or concepts

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