Sustainability challenge


Sustainability is more important than ever. Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand because most of the changes for improvement are new for the organization. However, it can be challenging for many organizations to find the right way to make the business more sustainable. We at Accept Mission designed our innovation software to help you find the best sustainable solution for your business. 

Solution for sustainability

Within Accept Mission’s idea and innovation software, we offer organizations to start missions, to be more sustainable. Within this ideation mission you can invite small to large groups from inside or outside your organization. Together you can create awareness and generate new ideas to move forward. Even when everyone knows that this topic and challenges are important, you still want to tell the story and make participation as interesting as possible to join on the adventure and report on all the progress you made on this topic. 

Create open boxes to collect ideas continuous
You set up idea boxes to collect ideas on a continuous basis. You can integrate an idea box within your intranet or collaboration environment like Teams. This way you can easily  invite people to add ideas. Get notified automatically when new ideas are added. Users can collaborate on ideas by upvoting, commenting, sharing, mentioning other users, etc. It makes it easier for you to select the most valuable ideas.  

Set up challenges to boost ideas  

Invite users 
The ideas that are the result of the brainstorm campaign will automatically be added to the tool for further progress. Start your Ideation Mission with our sustainability template to dive straight into the ideation, set your timer, invite your workforce, and start brainstorming on your next best sustainable solution. The best ideas can be moved to an inbox for further processing by adding impact-investment scores and stage gates. 


  • Collect ideas contentiously for sustainability

  • Decrease CO2 footprint
  • Challenge per Sustainability goal

  • Decision making what SDG we are focusing on

  • Become CO2 Neutral or even Positive

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10 Tips for Organize Campaign

An innovation campaign is a step-by-step approach to collecting and selecting ideas from a target audience


A guided tour through the idea & innovation management software, based on your focus areas.

Experience more use cases


Capture and further develop ideas


Help users work together to generate new ideas and improve them


Qualify ideas and calculate their impact