Technology scouting


In today’s world, new technology is introduced on a daily basis which can be overwhelming for some organizations. Technology can be a good trigger for new innovative ideas and projects. How do you decide what new technologies are important and how do you make the right decisions? How do you scout /collect the right technology to improve your business for certain topics? Accept Mission will help you pro-actively with collecting technology ideas, select the right technology and provide you with insights to make the best decisions.

Solution for technology scouting

Within Accept Mission, idea and innovation software, we offer the ability for organizations to use collection missions to collect ideas from any target group (internally and externally). Ideas can be tagged with the right technology keywords to track trend analysis and we offer multiple variants of selections methods to choose the best technology for the specific topics.

Collect technology ideas with missions
Start an innovation campaign to collect technology ideas for the organization. This can be wide for a product/service or narrow to solve a specific problem/goal. Invite participants within, outside the organization or make it a public available mission. The idea can be added and tagged with the right technology. This way you will gain more insights to make better decisions.

Trend analysis and management
Within the software users and admins can add technology keywords (tags) to ideas and projects. Based on these tags ideas can be analyzed from a different perspective. You can search, filter, and visualize ideas and projects. Within the software settings, you can manage the list of all tags and see reports of trends within the software.

Selecting the right technology
Configurate a selection mission to select the best technology for the situation. You simply add the potential technologies, then you define your list of selection criteria and finally, you add the users or target group you want to include in the selection. All users can now score every technology based on the criteria. The software uses an algorithm to define what the best result will be. This saves a lot of time and energy and helps to make better decisions.



  • Scout new technologies intern

  • Collect new technologies from external
  • Set up innovation campaigns

  • Select the best technology based on custom criteria

  • Trend analysis of new tech trends

  • Trend analysis of new tech trends

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