Trend scouting & trend management


It is important to be on top of the latest trends for your organization and within your industry. What are the latest trends and technologies, how can we benefit from them, how can we invest proactively to respond as well and quickly as you can? These changes can have a very wide spectrum like changes in society, new technologies, new markets, new business models. If you recognize these in an early stage, your organization can adapt to it and even use it as their advantage to seek opportunities out of it. Therefore, it’s very important for organizations to use Trend Scouting & Trend Analyse.

Solution for trend scouting & trend management

Within Accept Mission, idea and innovation software, we offer the ability for organizations to track new trends by adding keywords and adjusting scorings mechanisms based on those trends. By providing them with an impact and investment score you will see the value of the new trend. You can also connect them by giving each trend certain keyword (tag). The Tag Manager will provide you all the trends within your innovation software. What topics are used more than others. What topics are more trending then others?

Tag Management
Within the software users and admins can add keywords (tags) to ideas and projects. Based on these tags ideas can be analyzed on a different perspective. You can search, filter, and visualize ideas and projects. Within the software settings, you can manage the list of all tags and see reports of trends within the software.

Trend analysis
Within the software, you can see different reports to analyze the trends within the software. You can follow tags and if new ideas arrive you can follow up on them. Watch the trend reports and see what trends are getting attention and what trends might need attention.

Campaigns based on trends
Start campaigns to collect ideas based on the trending trends. Look for new business opportunities and ways to connect users based on the trends. “How can we be more sustainable in our services to our clients?”.


  • Valuable insights in upcoming trends

  • Trend analyses and management
  • Manage tags for your organization

  • bubble chart visualisations

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