Collect ideas from different sources


Ideas for innovations are everywhere: within the organization, but also outside the organization. In order to achieve success, it is important to capture and further develop these ideas and to measure their value to finally implement them at the right time. As an innovation manager, you want to hear the ideas of your employees but also those of your customers, suppliers and partners. The best way to capture ideas is to collect them independent of time, place and device.

Solution for collecting ideas

Within Accept Mission, our innovation software, you can create inboxes for specific subjects or themes to collect ideas easily. You decide who has access to the idea inboxes and who will eventually do the first screening of ideas. Ideas can easily be added by users across all devices and from every location. There are many configurable settings per inbox. For example, you can decide if users post ideas and comments based on their real identify or go ‘undercover’. This kind of feature will help to get the most and the best ideas. The inbox makes it easy for you to collect ideas from departments for products, or for business challenges.


  • Collect ideas for departments, teams, or company-wide

  • Collect ideas to innovate company strategy
  • Generate input for a SWOT, evaluation or a Start/Keep/Stop

  • Collect input from employees, partners, customers, or external participants

  • Collect ideas via browser, mobile, and integrate with business applications

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Collect ideas

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