Validate ideas with users


Before investing a significant amount of time and resources in developing a product or concept no one wants, an idea should be validated. Make sure that your ideas are based on a real demand, otherwise there’s a real risk of them becoming ‘just nice ideas’. A good way to validate ideas is to conduct interviews or set up user panels. It is difficult to keep the interview unbiased while you are enthusiastic about your own idea. A large group would take a lot of time, therefore it’s very important to have a target group to validate the idea(s).


Let the end users validate the ideas with the selection tool. With this tool, the audience can give feedback in a systematic way. Gather all validation data in one place including feedback. With Accept Mission you are able to set up target groups. With this target group you no longer need to invite people personally, but you can invite a selected group at the same time. Because it is time and place independent, you can reach a large group of internal and external people within a short time.


  • Validating new concept on propositions

  • Validating new concepts on launching customers
  • Validating proof of concepts

  • Collecting feedback in a systematic way on your product

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