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This tuesday Accept Mission won the ‘Get in the ring’ event in the Cruise Terminal, Rotterdam. KPN set up a challenge for startups which was focused on finance in combination with gamification. Accept Missions won a pilot with KPN.

As an ending to an amazing finance event there was a ‘Get in the ring’ event set up by KPN. This challenge was a competition where start-ups would compete with each other. From a selection of around 90 start-ups around 6 finalist were chosen, in 3 categories, to compete with each other. In the final the 6 best Dutch start-ups were battling each other in front of a crowd of 450 people. The prize which the start-ups were competing for was a pilot within KPN.

Accept Mission is a gamification platform which is used to gather feedback to complete challenges within organisations. The team of Accept Mission believes that every problem or case can be solved if you put together the right people. With the traditional way of brainstorming and mind mapping this would too much time and effort.

Accept Mission is a serious game where multiple users can go undercover and complete challenges or cases together with each other. The application is time- and place independent and it doesn’t matter what kind of function you have, within the company.

Quote of Steven Kop the founder:

“We are surprised and incredibly proud to be chosen as the winner by the crowd and by the judges. It’s always exciting to put up a new and innovative product in front of large crowds of people. We learn more everyday on how this serious game can come closer to the needs of our customers. Winning the ‘Get in the ring’ event and a pilot with KPN means a lot to us and gives a ton of new energy to work with. I would like to thank both KPN and Get In the ring for this amazing experience.”

Are you interested in what Accept Mission can mean for you? Book a demo with one of our employees.

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