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People work together more digitally than ever. Connecting people and engaging them to work together to build the best results for the organization can be hard. You need to engage people from different teams, locations or even countries. It doesn’t matter if they are employees, partners or customers – you need a platform to collect ideas from different sources. A survey will not do the job. Physical workshops and brainstorms sound interesting, but take too much time and money. What you need is a single place to engage people so they can collaborate on ideas, no matter where they are, no matter on what device, which time or what skillset they have.


Accept Mission is a complete platform on which users can work together on ideas and solve challenges together. It is not about generating the best ideas. You will get the best solutions if people from different backgrounds collaborate to generate the best ideas. Users can add ideas, vote on ideas of others, comment and improve them and score them, to get the best ideas. You can start online brainstorms, innovation campaigns, open up an inbox and do selection missions for smart decision making. What question will boost the discussion of your audience?


  • Asking your customers to generate ideas for product features

  • Asking your customers the problems they are facing
  • Asking employees and customers for ideas to improve customer satisfaction

  • Employees and customers work together undercover to build a new proposition

  • Partners in businesses work together to help the end-customer

  • A network company is collecting ideas for new events or propositions

  • Pulse innovation: an innovation challenge every day/week/month

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