Collaborate on ideas and improve them


The best ideas are the ideas that are reviewed and improved by users. Without a platform, ideas are shared in teams and between people who work together. It can be hard to sell a raw idea. Also, it is difficult to share your ideas with a crowd that understands the situation, problem and even the technology for the solution. You need to share your ideas in a way that others can collaborate in an attempt to improve the quality of an idea. Share experiences, ask questions, and make suggestions to enhance the quality of ideas.


Accept Mission has various collaboration features to help users work together to generate new ideas and to improve ideas. For example: liking, reviewing, scoring and commenting. You can create inboxes for subjects or per department and can invite certain people to help solve a case or to generate ideas for potential new projects or propositions. How would you use the platform to collaborate together in order to level up an ideas?


  • Upvote ideas by liking to prioritize them

  • Use comments to give feedback or to enrich ideas
  • Share your mission with users to review ideas or to improve existing ideas

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Organize brainstorms time, place, and device independent


Use many gamification elements in missions


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Collaborate on ideas