Forrester lists Accept Mission among Innovation Management Platforms2 min read

Accept Mission is blossoming this spring! We are proud to say to be officially listed by Forrester and get global recognition among top renowned Innovation Management Platforms.

Forrester agrees that customer-obsessed organizations that want to stay ahead of the game rely on continuous innovation. And it is our mission to help companies do that.

Forrester defines innovation management platforms as software tools that support the management of an organization’s innovation processes while integrating external innovation networks, third-party software, and service providers for a sustainable and comprehensive approach to innovation.

They agree that customer-obsessed firms rely on continuous innovation to stay ahead of the competition; this requires highly efficient processes and an organization that can adapt to changes enabled by new technologies. Innovation management platforms help enterprises strategically manage their investments across the business.

Forrester defines three main values from leveraging innovation management platforms:

  • Sparking and fostering collaboration and creativity
  • Supporting an outside-in view of your innovation practice.
  • Providing operational, best-practice innovation processes

Although we are still a small player compared to let’s say – Accenture, we are listed among the Innovation specialists.

What does this mean?

According to the definition of Forrester we, next to the fundamental functionalities to cover innovation processes comprehensively – stand out with one or more functionalities targeting clients with a specific focus on their innovation practices. They looked at functionalities around collaboration and engagement, ideation, and gamification, providing a secure and cyberattack-resistant innovation environment, campaign management, and commercialization. How cool is that!

Let the summer come. We are ready to bloom!

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