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Ok, you have an active innovation system. The key to success is to keep the engine running. Come up with new ideas for projects and manage the choose the right projects to be started so that the active projects will be implemented and will create business value. There are many domains where you can get ideas for innovation projects from. One of the interesting domains is ideas based on market trends and opportunities.

Why are innovation trends important?

Innovation trends are the changes and developments that occur in the fields of technology, science, business, and society. They reflect the needs, challenges, and opportunities of the present and the future. Innovation trends are important for several reasons:

  • They help organizations stay competitive and relevant in a fast-changing world. By following and adapting to the latest innovation trends, organizations can create new products, services, or processes that meet the demands and expectations of their customers and stakeholders. Innovation trends can also help organizations identify new markets, niches, or segments they can tap into.
  • They inspire creativity and collaboration among teams and individuals. By exposing themselves to the latest innovation trends, teams and individuals can learn from the best practices, insights, and experiences of others. They can also find new ways to solve problems, improve performance, or generate value. Innovation trends can also foster a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and learning within organizations.
  • They contribute to social and environmental good. By following and adopting the latest innovation trends, organizations can address some of the most pressing issues and challenges facing humanity and the planet. Innovation trends can help organizations create solutions that are more sustainable, inclusive, ethical, or impactful. Innovation trends can also help organizations align their goals and values with those of their customers and society.

In conclusion, innovation trends are important because they help organizations stay ahead of the curve, inspire creativity and collaboration, and contribute to social and environmental good. By following and adopting the latest innovation trends, organizations can enhance their performance, reputation, and impact.

How to research innovation ideas based on marketing trends or opportunities?

One of the challenges that many organizations face is how to discover innovative ideas that are aligned with market trends and customer needs. Innovation is not only about creating new products or services, but also about improving existing ones, finding new ways to deliver value, or solving problems that customers face. However, generating innovative ideas is not easy, especially when the market is constantly changing and evolving.

That’s why Accept Mission, a gamified innovation platform, can help you discover innovation ideas based on marketing trends. Accept Mission allows you to create and run online brainstorming sessions with your team, stakeholders, or customers, using gamification techniques to motivate and engage participants. You can also use Accept Mission to analyze and prioritize the generated ideas, and turn them into actionable innovation projects.

One of the skills that can help you succeed in your career is the ability to identify relevant trends in your sector. Trends are changes or developments that affect the market, the consumers, the competitors, or the society. By staying on top of the trends, you can gain insights, opportunities, and competitive advantages.

But how do you identify relevant trends in your sector? Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Define your sector and your target audience. You need to have a clear idea of what industry you are in, what products or services you offer, and who your potential or existing customers are. This will help you narrow down your focus and filter out irrelevant information.
  • Monitor the sources of information. You need to keep track of the news, reports, publications, blogs, podcasts, social media, forums, and other sources that provide information about your sector. You can use tools like Google Alerts, Feedly, or RSS feeds to get notified of new content. You can also subscribe to newsletters, magazines, or journals that specialize in your sector.
  • Analyze the data and identify patterns. You need to collect, organize, and interpret the data that you find from the sources. You need to look for patterns, correlations, causations, gaps, or anomalies that indicate a trend. You can use tools like Excel, Tableau, or Power BI to visualize and analyze the data. You can also use frameworks like SWOT, PESTEL, or Porter’s Five Forces to evaluate the external factors that affect your sector.
  • Validate and prioritize the trends. You need to verify that the trends you identified are valid, reliable, and relevant. You can do this by checking the credibility of the sources, comparing different sources, looking for evidence or feedback, or conducting your own research or surveys. You also need to prioritize the trends based on their impact, urgency, feasibility, and alignment with your goals and strategies.
  • Act on the trends. You need to translate the trends into actions that can help you improve your performance, solve problems, create value, or innovate. You can do this by setting objectives, developing plans, implementing solutions, measuring results, or adjusting accordingly.

Online resources to discover sector trends

To identify relevant trends in the sector online, you need to use various sources and tools that can help you track and analyze the changes and opportunities in your industry. Some of the ways you can do this are:

These are some of the ways you can identify relevant trends in the sector online. By using these sources and tools, you can keep track of the changes and opportunities in your industry and adapt your strategies accordingly.

By following these steps, you can use Accept Mission to discover innovative ideas based on marketing trends. This way, you can ensure that your innovation efforts are aligned with the market needs and expectations and that you create value for your customers and your organization.

If you want to learn more about Accept Mission and how it can help you discover innovation ideas based on marketing trends, or make use of trends to collect ideas for innovation projects then visit our website or contact us for a demo.

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